Student Leader wins Internship, asks for support

Felix Rivera, president of the gay-straight alliance at Alaska Pacific University, has been accepted to an intensive summer program at the Institute on Political Journalism in Washington, DC. The two month internship will teach him valuable news writing skills that he will bring back to use in Alaska. He is asking for help to cover the costs of food and expenses during the program.

"I am very much looking forward to DC, and also looking for more financial help," writes Felix. "It turns out that I didn't raise as much as I expected. Housing is provided - well, I'm paying for it. Money for food and other expenses would be great. I believe my parents are pitching in the plane ticket." He's leaving for DC on June 6.

The IPJ internship at Georgetown University selects undergraduate journalism students from around the country to attend classes in economics, ethics and leadership, and to serve in internships with major news organizations. Participants also attend regular briefings at The U.S. House of Representatives, the World Bank and The State Department.

Felix has a passion for social justice issues and was awarded the Hartman Writing Prize. He is active at APU and in the Anchorage community:
As a student at Alaska Pacific University, I have the unique opportunity to develop my skills as a leader, mostly because there are so few of us. At the school, I take on the roles of APU Editor (the campus newspaper), ASAPU Sophomore Representative (the student government), president of Spectrum (the GSA and diversity club on campus) and treasurer and secretary of Newman Club (the Catholic-based club on campus).

As you can see, this encompasses many different positions and responsibilities. One of the biggest strengths I can bring is the power of religious dialogue, as I am an active Catholic in the community, volunteering with CSS and Brother Francis from time to time.

In the community, I also serve various roles. As an employee of the Anchorage Youth Symphony, I have various connections with the musical world of Anchorage. As an intern at the Anchorage Daily News, I can represent the larger issues of the GLBT community in the media. I also volunteer in the GLBT community, representing Spectrum at the GLBT Alliance, serving on the Sponsorships Committee, volunteering for the Youth Drop-ins at the GLCCA, and working to start a subset of the GLBT Alliance focused on the issues of youth, which I am very excited to do!
Congratulations to Felix on the internship! Please support this current and future community leader. If you have donations, questions, or would like to know more about Felix and the internship, please email him.

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