Anchorage Assembly awarded at Coronation 09

The Imperial Court of All Alaska ushered in the reign of the new Emperor and Empress, presented nineteen scholarships and five Community Service Awards - including a group award to the Assembly members who voted "yes" on Ordinance 64 - and performed a series of well-attended shows during Coronation 2009 on Labor Day Weekend.

"We had the best attendance at all functions in years," writes Emperor XXV Mikey La Choy. "Empress 37 Miss MeMe and Emperor 37 Kevin Holtz have a great year in store for us all, but of course they will need the support of the entire community to make it a success."

In addition to crowning the new monarchs, Coronation 2009 gave Community Service Awards to these recipients:
Peter Dispirito memorial Award: Adam & Steve: Alex Barros, Teddy Jones, Donald Greene & Jared Krapfl
Wayne Hussey Memorial Award: Holli Yancey
Raymond Jorgenson Memorial Group Award: The 7 brave members of the Anchorage Assembly who voted "Yes" for the equal rights ordinance: Patrick Flynn, Matt Claman, Harriet Drummond, Elvi Gray-Jackson, Sheila Selkregg, Mike Gutierrez & Jennifer Johnston
Shante' Youth Service Award: Willow Arnell and Mike Mason
Rochelle DeLite Memorial Fairbanks Service Award: Keith Darkchild
The Imperial Court intends to formally present the Raymond Jorgenson Memorial Group Award at an Assembly meeting and personally thank those members who voted in favor of Ordinance 64. The LGBTA community will be invited to the award presentation when a date is finalized.

The 2009 Emperors and Empresses Scholarship Fund awarded a total of $48,500 to 19 students: Alex Barrows, Logan Bartels, James Crump, Rolland Debler, France Desmarattes, Wiliam Ehelebe, Mark Essert, Rachel Furman, John Hirst, Kenneth Jenkins, Wendy Langley, Joshua Lee, Monica Lettner, Colleen McNulty, Juanita Reese, David Robinson, Darren Starr, Emily Tiller and Karl Wade.

Congratulations to Empress 37 Miss MeMe and Emperor 37 Kevin Holtz! We look forward to a wonderful reign.

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Anonymous said...

I think it is awesome that the Raymond Jorgenson Memorial Group Award is being presented at an Assembly meeting. I look forward to a great GLBT turnout for this presentation. Hoo-Rah! Tim Pearson

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