Prevo Celebrates 38 Years of Hate

Jerry Prevo is celebrating Gay History Month with a party honoring himself and his many years of spreading lies and prejudice against the gay community.

The invitation shown above describes Jerry's main achievement in all those years at ABT: making sure Anchorage continues to treat gay people as second class citizens.

"This year Pastor Prevo ... fought and won against making homosexuality an acceptable alternative lifestyle in our city..."

Remember how the ordinance opponents kept saying that it wasn't about letting pastor Jerry decide the secular laws of our city... it was about bathrooms and businesses and other nonsense?

Well, Jerry thinks it's all about HIMSELF - "he fought" - not a coalition of leaders, or the conservative churches of Anchorage, or any recognition of a group effort. Jerry claims a personal victory over the city.

This invite is proof that his real goal was - and has always been - to build his church upon a foundation of homophobia.

Jerry, it doesn't take courage to demonize your neighbors for media attention and big donations.

38 years of Hate, a career to be proud of.

- hat tip to The Alaska Commons for the invitation.


jay in uk said...
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jay in uk said...

Perhaps Mr. Prevo is due the credit he acclaims, but what he actually did was tap military and oil patch growth for building his base. Look at population movement statistics.

It's what makes me unsure for Anchorage's future. Until the economic base changes, Alaska as defense shield and resource warehouse bodes well for conservative ideologies, religious and economic.

For his followers, these godly patriots, America stands as self-made warrior, righteous and mighty. No gays need apply.

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