Emler brings 'inspirational comedy with a call to action' to MCC

Bryan Emler, a gay comedian and motivational humor speaker from Arizona, will perform two shows in Anchorage this week: "How To Be A Superhero (Without Wearing Your Underwear In Public)" on Friday October 16, and "Dream Big (Size Matters)" on Saturday October 17. Both are fundraisers for the Metropolitan Community Church.

"After the ordinance hearings, we thought the community might want to come together for a night or two of laughter," wrote Matthew Moak of MCCA.

Emler has over 15 years of experience as a stand-up comedian. While travelling to perform, he shot up to 310 pounds. After seeing a photo of himself with actress Sharon Gless of Queer As Folk, Bryan vowed to never perform again at that weight. He lost over 100 pounds, was out of the spotlight for over three years, and is back as hungry as ever.

"Bryan has generously agreed to donate 50% of the ticket proceeds to MCCA," wrote Matthew, "so let's do all we can do to make these two nights a success." The Anchorage tour is part of Emler's Share the Wealth project to help gay non-profits raise money.

Tickets are $15 and available online or at the church. Students can attend for $10 at the door with student ID. Both shows will be performed at St. Mary's Church, on the corner of Tudor & Lake Otis, from 7-8 p.m.

Bent Alaska caught up with Emler to learn more about motivational comedy, Superhero & Dream Big, fundraisers for gay churches, and the importance of seeing a moose.

Q. Why did you choose these two shows for your Alaska performance?
A. I chose the shows DREAM BIG (SIZE MATTERS) and HOW YOU CAN BE A SUPERHERO (WITHOUT WEARING YOUR UNDERWEAR IN PUBLIC) due to the current political climate in Alaska. I felt that not only do you all need a good laugh, but you need a bit of encouragement and motivation to propel your state forward.

Q. The announcement said it's a gay comedy show, but your ad talks about transforming your spirit. Is it a combination of comedy and religion?
A. This "comedy show" is part comedy, part motivational, part inspirational. DREAM BIG will offer concrete steps on how you can live the life you dream about, at the same time you will be laughing at my trials and tribulations while I am trying to live out mine.

In HOW YOU CAN BE A SUPERHERO, I show you how to become a superhero in Alaska and help change the world. It looks like this is a show that is needed in Anchorage to give you hope.

They aren't religious shows, they are inspirational comedy shows with a call to action.

Q. Anchorage is part of your Share the Wealth tour. What is that and how does it help local communities?
A. I came up with the SHARE THE WEALTH TOUR, because I wanted to find a way of giving back to gay communities across the US.

One of the biggest issues with gay churches, non-profits, and organizations, is that they can't always afford to pay thousands of dollars to bring in entertainers for their events. If by chance they can afford it, then they have trouble re-couping the costs of that entertainer, and they find themselves in the hole when it was supposed to be a fundraiser.

So, I devised a way the gay organizations can book me WITHOUT my normal fee, they get 50% off all ticket sales for hosting the event, and not only do they get a comedy show, they make some money in the process.

Q. Have you ever been to Alaska? Will you have a chance to see anything outside of the city?
A. This will be my very first trip to Alaska, so I am looking forward to it. I am going to fly in a day early, and stay a day after my shows, so that I will have some time to look around. The only thing I MUST do while I am there is to see a MOOSE. I will not leave the state until I see a moose!

So, if anyone wants to go Moose Watching, let me know!

Join Bryan Emler on his hilarous journey, and discover how you can change the world and transform your spirit and your life!

"Dream Big (Size Matters)" Saturday October 17, 2009 at 7-8 p.m.

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