Please Help Captain Kaos get a New Leg

Captain Kaos needs our help! Kaos, a.k.a. Kevin Bohall, is a karaoke performer and ex-security guard at Mad Myrna's. He lost his right leg below the knee this summer and can't drive or work until he gets a prosthetic leg. Social Security and public assistance turned him down, so Laurie Branstiter is collecting donations and throwing a benefit Pirate Karaoke party at Myrna's on October 22 to help Kevin get his leg.

This is Kevin's story, as told to Bent Alaska by Laurie:

"Kevin lost his right foot and partial leg to diabetes in June 2009. He was working for a local landscaping company when he developed a blister on his right foot. His employer wouldn't allow anyone time off during the 'busy season' without 3 weeks notice. Kevin didn't realize his diabetes had flared up again and his body couldn't fight the diabetes and the infection in his foot. It soon turned gangrene. He was lucky and it is a "BKA" (below knee amputation)."

"Kevin had just started his dream job as a truck driver for Klondike Cement. But without a right foot, he cannot drive. He doesn't consider himself 'disabled' and is anxious to get back to work."

"We applied for Social Security Disability - denied and on appeal; State of Alaska Public Assistance and Unemployment - denied; Love, Inc. has given us food and we are on waiting list for rent assistance; Limbs for Life has been contacted and he's on a waiting list."

"I have been supporting Kevin, my 15-year old son and myself since June. We are $4000 behind in rent and utilities. Kevin has a couple of credit cards that we haven't been able to pay on."

"Kevin loves to perform karaoke at Myrna's. He uses the name Capt. Kaos as his stage name. It is actually a character (played by Dom Deluise) in Cannonball Run, one of Kevin's favorite movies."

Kevin and Laurie are active allies in the Mad Myrna's community and held a fundraiser there last year for diabetes and the Cancer Association.

Their friends are stepping forward to help. Marsha Brannan is giving $8 from every $12.50 fleece neck warmer she sells to the Kevin Bohall Prosthetic Fund. The neck warmers are available in solid black, cream, red, or blue and can be shipped anywhere in the United States. Email Marsha to order.

Despite the roadblocks, Laurie is hopeful. "Thank you and God Bless each of you for taking the time to read about Kevin."

Donations can be made to the Kevin Bohall Prosthetic Fundraiser account at First National Bank Alaska. Donations will also be accepted at the door during the Pirate Karaoke party at Myrna's, 8 p.m. on October 22. Please email Laurie to help with the party.

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