House passes DADT repeal, Rep. Young votes no

The House today passed a stand-alone bill to repeal "Don't Ask Don't Tell" by a vote of 250-175, with 15 Republicans joining 235 Democrats to end the discriminatory policy. Rep. Young voted against repeal. Now the measure goes to the Senate, where advocates will try to bring it up for a vote by the end of next week.

Sen. Begich supports repeal, although he isn't listed as a co-sponsor. News reports mention Sen. Murkowski as one of 4 senate Republicans who support repeal - but will she actually vote for repeal this time?

Call Senator Murkowski and ask her to vote for the DADT repeal: 202-224-6665 (DC) or 877-829-6030 (AK office).

After the House vote, Senator Snowe (R-Maine) said that she now supports the repeal of DADT. If she will vote for the stand-alone measure, that puts repeal within one or two votes of passing.

Sen. McCain and others opposed to gay and lesbian troops are trying to run the clock down on the session to avoid a vote, but allies are determined to see this pass before the new, more conservative Congress begins work in January.

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