Happy 40th Anniversary, Dan & Al

Dan & Al Carter-Incontro have been together for 40 years, and 32 of them were spent in Alaska. 

They got together in 1969, three months before the Stonewall riots began the modern gay rights movement, and lived in Alabama four years before moving to Alaska. In 2005, they moved to Florida and are celebrating their 40th Anniversary on March 21.

During their decades in Anchorage, Dan & Al were involved in the gay community and were plaintiffs in the case that won partner benefits for state and city employees. The conference room at the Gay & Lesbian Community Center (GLCCA) is named in their honor.

"At the GLCCA, we have created a celebratory photo booth to help Dan & Al celebrate their 40th," wrote Phyllis of Identity. "Come by any time the GLCCA is open and the volunteer on duty will take your photo with the 'Happy Anniversary Dan & Al' sign." The complete set of digital photos will be sent to Florida as a present from their many friends in Alaska.

Visit the Gay & Lesbian Community Center, M-F 3 to 9 p.m. and S-S noon to 6, to take the 'Happy Anniversary' photo, browse the library collection, use the computers and socialize in a safe LGBT environment. 

Dan & Al, congratulations on your 40th Anniversary! May you enjoy many more good years together.

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