KTVA and KTUU cover Anchorage Equal Protection Measure

An ordinance to add sexual orientation to the Anchorage non-discrimination code was introduced at Tuesday's Assembly meeting, and the public hearing is set for June 9.

KTVA and KTUU covered the story for television. KTVA included a clip with Mel Green, occasional guest writer on Bent Alaska:

KTUU ran an online poll with their story, asking "Should the Anchorage Assembly pass an ordinance banning discrimination against homosexuals?" When the poll closed at 10 p.m., support for the ordinance was ahead, with 52% of participants voting Yes and 48% voting No.


CelticDiva said...

This is just the first post regarding the Ordinance...discussing my experiences from the last one.


I have to believe the outcome this time will be different.

E. Ross said...

Great piece, Diva! Thanks for your continuing support.

I was just finishing a news roundup on the ordinance and will add your post.

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