New ICP's focus on Families, Fundraising and Scholarships

Congratulations to Cory and Natasha, the new 17th reigining Imperial Crown Prince and Princess of the Imperial Court of All Alaska!

"I am really looking forward to this year," wrote Natasha. "I already have a ton of ideas." 

"Congrats to one of my best friends," wrote April Rains, the 16th ICP, about Natasha. "May her reign as Imperial Crown Princess 17 of All Alaska be spectacular! And thanks to everyone who attended the 2009 ICP Ball at Mad Myrna's."

I asked Natasha and Cory about their goals as Prince and Princess:
  1. We really want to stress the importance of family within our community, and involve the youth of our community. We call ourselves a family, therefore the families of the court and community should be involved. These children are our future voices and I want them to see the greatness we as adults see.
  2. We also are looking forward to working and raising money for the 4 A's, Equality and Identity.  
  3. Lastly we would like to emphasize the ICOAA scholarship program. Approximately $60,000 is given each year (Cory was a recipient of the scholarship previously) and we really want people to be aware of these scholarships.
Here's to a fabulously fun and successful reign!

 - photo of Natasha ICP 17, and April ICP 16

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Natasha said...

Thank you very much for the kind words. I hope I can live up to my hopes to help our community grow and create events that we can enjoy with our children.

My first project as Imperial Crown Princess was to assist in the organization and development of a "Kiddie Carnival" at Pride Fest this year so that people can bring their children and they can have entertainment geared for them. Make sure and check it out!

I was also just asked to be the co-chair for GLSEN, which I have accepted. Just another avenue to work with our youth and ensure that they continue to grow and be matter what their or their family members sexual orientation is.

Imperial Crown Princess 17

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