A Christian Transwoman's Letter to Mayor Sullivan

Dan Sullivan was sworn in as the new Mayor of Anchorage on July 1, two days before Gov. Palin resigned. Mayor Sullivan has not yet stated where he stands on the issue of LGBT equality, or how he will respond to the equal rights ordinance. Please email Mayor Sullivan and respectfully explain why he should support an ordinance that will help to protect all Anchorage residents from discrimination.

Kelly, a transgender Christian woman who wrote her story for Bent Alaska last month, sent this letter to Mayor Sullivan.

Dear Mayor Sullivan,

I wanted to write and thank you for keeping an open mind concerning the debate that is taking place before the Assembly concerning the rights of LGBT people. My name is Kelly and I split my time between Alaska and Kentucky and overseas. I own rental property in both Eagle River and Wasilla, and work for one of your largest employers in the city/state. Finally, I am a Christian, and I am transgendered.

Although it is my desire to have the Assembly grant us equal protection as afforded to us under the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution, it is not the purpose of my letter. Rather, my hope is to assist you in understanding Gender Dysphoria. I write to you because I am deeply saddened by the misinformation that has come from some of the local churches. As a Christian, it hurts to see these false accusations come from an institution that is to represent the One who came to save us.

Transgender individuals do not just wake up one day and wish to change genders. It is a condition that was caused in utero, when the Androgen receptors were blocked from receiving the proper amount of hormones to mirror that of the one's anatomy. Contrary to the information that was published on SOSAnchorage.org, there is scientific and medical data that backs this argument. Studies done from the Netherlands Institute for Brain Research have found the Bed of Nucleus Stri Terminalis (BSTc - part of the brain that identifies who one is) of a transgendered woman mirrors that of a genetic woman and vice versa for that of a transgender male. Another study, done by the Prince Henry Institute in Melbourne, Australia, found a genetic variation of the human genome that is believe to cause the disruption of the Androgen Receptors in utero. Studies done on drugs such as PCP, DDT, and Diethylstilbestrol (DES) have also found a link to the cause of Gender Dysphoria.

I refer you to a blog post that I wrote, along with the letter I sent to my Municipal Representative, Ms. Debbie Ossiander. It answers many of the questions concerning the cause of Gender Identity, in hopes that someday people will recognize this was not something we created, but something we were born with. Should you have any questions, or wish to learn more about people such as me, you may reach me via this letter.

I recognize the enormous responsibility you have to represent all the citizens of this great city and want you to know, you are in my prayers.

May God bless you in all you do.


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Beautiful, compassionate and factually accurate. An unbeatable combination.


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