Sarah Palin's Top 10 Anti-LGBT Moments

Is it too early to list Sarah Palin's worst moments as Governor of Alaska? doesn't think so. Their Gay Rights blog posted a list of her anti-LGBT moments the day after she resigned, although she had (and still has) a few more weeks as Gov.

The introduction to the list suggests that Palin is divorcing Alaska despite her support for traditional marriage, describing her as
"a politician who thinks that the commitment between a man and a woman is sacred above anything, but the commitment between a governor and a state's population is disposable."
Ouch.'s Michael Jones made a good list of 6 Palin anti-LGBT moments, but missed a few big ones. Here are Bent's 4 additions, rounding out a full Top 10 List:

Signed $1.2 million Advisory Vote bill: Palin's most harmful anti-LGBT moment, and one of her first acts as governor, was signing HB 4002, the statewide advisory vote on taking away same-sex partner benefits, at a cost of $1.2 million for the state and in opposition to a state Supreme Court ruling. That signature led to 3 months of anti-gay speech and a pitched battle to defend the benefits that had protected some families for 5 years (City of Juneau) and others for 10 years (University of Alaska.) The result of the non-binding vote was much closer than expected, and the failure to get a 'mandate of hate' stalled the move for a statewide benefits ban, which Palin advocated.

Censorship: As Mayor of Wasilla, Palin supported a religious group that pushed to remove copies of Pastor, I am Gay, by Mat-Su resident Rev. Howard Bess, from the Public Library. She used removal of the gay book as an employee litmus test, and fired a library director who said she would not remove the book unless it met the library policy guidelines for removal.

No Pride Month: Palin's most recent anti-LGBT moment was refusing to acknowledge Anchorage PrideFest's Gay Pride Month proclamation, although President Obama declared June 2009 as LGBT Pride Month in the United States.

Defended Carrie Prejean: In May, Palin stated her support for the now-ex-Miss California Carrie Prejean, who declared her opposition to same-sex marriage and became a poster girl for the anti-gay lobby.

National Coming Out Day Stay in the Closet Day: Despite being urged by civil rights groups like Alaskans Together to officially recognize National Coming Out Day, Governor Sarah Palin refused to acknowledge a day that fosters acceptance of LGBT people. Sure, during her time as Governor she made official proclamations to recognize "Alaska Taiwan Friendship Week," "Christian Heritage Week," and "Biomedical Technician Week," but giving the gays one day where tolerance and understanding are the norm was a bit too much for the Alaska Governor.

Support of Ex-Gay Ministries?: Sarah Palin's hometown church in Wasilla actively promoted the ex-gay ministry "Love Won Out" by posting their ads in weekly church bulletins. These ex-gay therapy groups have been roundly criticized by science, religious leaders and politicians of all stripes, but nonetheless, Palin's own church seemed to preach that homosexuality could be overcome.

Alaska and Traditional Marriage: Though she was just a few years removed from the Bachelor's Degree that took her seven years and four colleges to get, Sarah Palin was a strong proponent of Alaska's 1998 statewide constitutional amendment which banned same-sex marriage. Additionally, Palin told the Anchorage News in 2005 that she supported repealing many domestic partner benefits given to same-sex couples in Alaska, because DP benefits were anti-family.

The Three Amigos - Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachmann, and Phyllis Schlafly: They're three of the most anti-LGBT people in the country, and the connection? Michelle Bachmann (who has called global warming a "hoax" and "voodoo," and said that God is blessing the Iraq War) stepped in for Sarah Palin during a anti-choice award ceremony at the Republican National Convention this year. Phyllis Schlafly, the denmother of radical conservatives 'round the country, said that McCain's selection of Palin as a running mate was "terribly smart," at the time. Hmm...wonder what she was saying on November 5, 2008?

Let's Define Marriage Federally: In a break with her running mate John McCain, Palin told the Christian Broadcasting Network in October 2008 that she wished the federal government would follow the lead of states like Alaska and work to ban same-sex marriage. Because fighting two wars and solving an economic crisis deserves to be side-stepped by knocking down marriage equality.....

A "Perversion and Degenerates" Ally: In March of this year, Sarah Palin had the task of choosing an Attorney General for Alaska. Her preferred candidate? Wayne Anthony Ross, a radical right-wing lawyer who has referred to LGBT people as "perverts," "degenerates," and "immoral." Ross also had a resume filled with other star attributes, like defending a KKK art project, and representing nutjobs that harass anti-war protestors.

These are her worst anti-LGBT moments, but let's broaden the question: What is on your Top 10 list for the Worst Palin Moments Ever?


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