Out in Alaska featured in Gay Travel Magazine

Passports Magazine: The Insider's Guide to Gay Travel posted an interview with local guide Tim Stallard, owner of Out in Alaska, an adventure tour company catering to GLBT travelers. The article also lists gay-friendly lodges, restaurants and B&B's in Alaska.
"Tim Stallard believes that the best way to experience our 49th state is to get out and enjoy the wilderness," reads the introduction to the online story. "His company, Out in Alaska, makes sure you do just that."
Out in Alaska takes small groups of LGBT travelers and open-minded friends all over Alaska, often visiting Seward and Denali in addition to Anchorage and Fairbanks. They organize adventure travel, comfortable land tours, small boat cruises, and custom options like romantic remote lodge trips and corporate retreats, and have a full line-up of exciting trips for summer and fall 2009.
Passports: "Why did you choose to cater to LGBT travelers?"
Stallard: "Because LGBT travelers have a reputation for being avid, adventurous, and discerning travelers. However, straight travelers (especially Europeans) have gay travelers beat for recognizing Alaska as a world-class destination. No one was serving the gay market for real travel experiences in Alaska so I saw an opportunity to do that. Also, many gay people love nature and animals, but a majority of gay people live in highly urbanized cities, so gay Alaskan adventures seemed the obvious antidote! As I later realized, operating a gay travel business in Alaska also allows us to promote equal rights for gay Alaskans through our business networking and supplier connections."
In addition to being an explorer, adventure guide and Fairbanks-based business owner, Tim is the Vice President of Alaskans Together for Equality, a group dedicated to achieving full civil equality for all Alaskans.

Read the Passports article, and check out Bent Alaska's Travel Resource page for more LGBT Alaska travel-related businesses.


R said...

Your statement that "a majority of gay people live in highly urbanized cities" is a myth, not a fact. The fact is that gay people (LGBT) live everywhere straight people live, in the same proportions.

E. Ross said...

R - Yes, and a majority of straight people live in urban areas too.

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