Anti-Gay Michele Bachmann endorses Joe Miller *more video*

The Joe Miller campaign has uploaded an endorsement from virulently anti-gay Rep. Bachmann (very far R-MN), his only video endorsement by a member of Congress:

In addition to saying that gays are "a part of Satan," Bachman also said that being gay is "personal enslavement" and a mental disorder. She spoke out against the federal hate crimes bill protecting gays and lesbians, saying that the bill would protect pedophiles. She thinks it's "child abuse" to teach that being gay is normal.

Bachmann has ties to a Christian rock band whose lead singer praised conservative Muslim countries for executing gays. Bachmann praised the band, saying, "I thank God that He has given you the strength and the resolve to fight for our timeless values."

Joe Miller is a lawyer running as Alaska's GOP candidate for the U.S. Senate, against Democrat Scott McAdams and write-in candidate Sen. Lisa Murkowski. Miller believes that "homosexuality is a sin, and therefore immoral," and called the Hate Crimes Act passed by Congress last year "the Left's radical social agenda."

Miller is also endorsed by Sarah Palin.

Check out this brilliant parody of Bachmann:


Anonymous said...

She is a wacko so it is not surprise. God where so these nutbags come from? I am embarrassed for them. As for Miller, I am Alaskan and would chew my arm off before I would vote for him. I am a Lisa supporter.

Anonymous said...

Sadly, Lisa has a record of voting anti-gay as well. This may be an issue of choosing the lesser of the evils this year...

E. Ross said...

There are 3 candidates in this race, and Scott McAdams actually supports equality.

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