Imperial Court crowns Emperor & Empress, gives awards & scholarships at Coronation

Congratulations to the new Emperor and Empress of the Imperial Court of All Alaska: Cory and Paige!

The top title holders were announced at Coronation, along with the Court's community awards and student scholarships.

The ICOAA gave out 26 scholarships totaling $25,000, and these awards:
Peter Dispirito Community service Award - Vicki Evans
Wayne Hussey Community Service Award - Gail Palmer
Raymond Jorgenson Organization award - Anchorage Ducal Court (Mikel Wiles and Colleen Crinklaw)
Rochelle DeLite Fairbanks Community Award - PFLAG of Fairbanks
President's Service to the Board Award - Mary Bess Bohall

The following are new awards decreed by Emperor and Empress Kevin and MeMe:

Lynn "Honey" Howard Court Member of the Year - Dan Thunder aka Bella and Aaron Finch
Michael Meeks Denali Award - Denali Emperor 25 Mikey LaChoy and Denali Emperor 31 Scott Turner
Misty Dawn Aurora Award - Aurora Empress 28 Eve, Aurora Empress 29 Joani LaChoy and Aurora Empress 31 Vicki Evans aka Sister Mary Sunshine
Congratulations to all of the award and scholarship recipients!

The Imperial Court is the oldest and largest not-for-profit GLBTA organization in the state of Alaska. They give scholarships to Alaskan students each year, and raise money for other charitable organizations in the state.

Channel 11 aired a short interview with the previous Emperor & Empress, Kevin & MeMe, at Coronation. (The story incorrectly states that the Emperor & Empress were elected at Coronation, but the voting took place on August 21, and that the Duke & Duchess were also announced at Coronation, but the ducal balls were held earlier in the summer. Still, we appreciate the coverage of our events.)

Watch the story:

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