McAdams on DADT *update*

Scott McAdams, Mayor of Sitka, former school board member and Alaska's Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate, confirmed that he opposes Don't Ask, Don't Tell, and would have voted for the repeal. In addition, he sent this statement:
"At a time when the U.S. has 50,000 troops on the ground and is still fighting a war in Afghanistan, it's irresponsible to exclude any skilled, combat-ready troops from service. Individuals who are willing to sacrifice their lives for their country don't deserve to be discriminated against." - SCOTT McADAMS
It's a mild statement, but not bad for a democrat running in an independent/red state. Now we have a real choice for senate. Instead of waiting for the magic opinion polls to tell us who has the best chance of beating Joe Miller - and hoping they're right - we can unite behind a candidate who will actually vote for equality and fairness.

UPDATE: Check out the newer, stronger McAdams statement on DADT, answer #3 on his questionnaire for Daily Kos, where he is a highlighted Orange to Blue candidate. Guess his campaign got the message that DADT is an easy one.

When Lisa didn't show up for the big senate vote on Don't Ask, Don't Tell this week, her campaign manager confirmed that she would have voted against the repeal if she'd been there. The GOP voted as a block to prevent DADT from even being debated, just like they're blocking the other changes we voted for: no honesty for gays and lesbians in the military, no gay families included in immigration reform, no fairness at work, no marriage, no healthcare, no rights.

We called Lisa, filled her voicemail box with messages for the repeal of DADT, gave her a chance to be Alaska's moderate candidate. She choose partisan politics - for the party that rejected her - over doing what 75% of Americans know is right and fair.

DADT is likely to come up for another vote in the U.S. Senate, either in December or next year.

Scott McAdams knows what is fair, and will vote to protect our troops from discrimination. Please get to know him and spread the word.

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