Gay AK: Facebook, Four A's, and Thanking our Allies against WAR

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Fiesta & Bake Sale raised $4,000 for Four A's
Two Four A's fundraisers were held at Mad Myrna's last weekend, the No Foolin' Fiesta and Scott's Bake Sale and Bake-Off.

"We're so happy with the results of the Four A's events these past two days," writes Chrissy Bell, Director of Development at Four A's. "Over $4,000 was raised this weekend! Thank you MJ and Scott for two awesome events and to everyone who came out to support those living with HIV and HIV prevention in Alaska."

Scott Turner wants to thank everyone associated with the Community Bake Sale. "You all raised over $2300," writes Scott. "Even in crazy economic times, we managed to beat last year's total again!"

Please thank those who voted against WAR
Many of our state senators and representatives voted against the confirmation of W.A. Ross last week. Please take a moment to thank them. Here is the full list, for and against.

One of the representatives who mentioned WAR's prejudice against gays as a reason for voting 'no' was Rep. Les Gara from downtown Anchorage. Please remember his support of our community. 

From his e-newsletter: "Good AG's don't come into the job with lists of groups they dislike. They have to get along, and make rational decisions so they don't take the state into costly "political cause" litigation. And they have to do their jobs in an even handed way. An Attorney General has to represent everyone in the state, not just his own causes. For example, while Mr. Ross is not required by anyone to hold a particular position on gay rights, he seems to dismiss gay Alaskans as equal human beings... Mr. Ross fits lots of job requirements. But his temperament is better suited for politics, party causes, and private law. In private practice you can represent a few. As the State's top lawyer you're supposed to represent all."

Read WAR's complete letter to the Alaska State Bar newsletter, where he called gays "immoral", "perversion" and "degenerates" in opposition to the 1993 effort to add sexual orientation to the Anchorage non-discrimination code.

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