Juneau Highway Cleanup with Rainbow Pride

For over a decade, there have been two "PFLAG Adopt-A-Highway" signs on the Juneau public road system near Auke Bay. The signs have been vandalized and replaced more than once, but both signs can still be seen by every driver on that scenic 2 mile stretch of the Egan Highway. 

PFLAG Juneau and SEAGLA need your help to fulfill their biannual cleanup duty on Saturday, May 2, from 10-noon.

Volunteers will meet at the Auke Lake parking lot. Bright yellow trash bags and sanitary gloves will be provided, along with free cookies for the cleanup crew. 

"Please wear very bright colored clothing," write Bronze of SEAGLA and Lin of PFLAG. "We want you to be safe while working near the highway, and we also want to show a very bright rainbow of colors on the road Saturday morning."

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