WAR's anti-gay letter: pedophile jokes, criminals, "immoral in the eyes of anyone with intelligence"

UPDATE from Mel: "23 yeas, 35 nays: WAR goes down! Wayne Anthony Ross will NOT be Alaska Attorney General. We fought the good fight, people, and we WON!"

Wayne Anthony Ross' letter to Lawyers Against Discrimination began with a reference to gays as pedophiles: "Dear LAD: (LAD??? Intentional, on your part? Or merely a Freudian slip?)"

Three weeks ago, Bent Alaska reported that Attorney General-nominee Wayne Anthony Ross called gays "degenerates", "immoral" and a "perversion" in a letter to the Alaska State Bar Association's newsletter, according to the ADN. Since then, Ross has refused to answer the legislators when asked if he feels this way about gays and lesbians now, and, when pressed, compared his homophobia to hating lima beans.

We've learned much about Ross, on many topics, but the question remained: what did the rest of his letter say? The Legislature is scheduled to vote on Ross' appointment Thursday at 11 a.m., and Bent obtained the letter just in time.

Ross wrote the letter to the Alaska Bar Rag in March 1993 in response to an appeal from "Lawyers Against Discrimination," a group that fought the repeal of a non-discrimination ordinance, approved by the Anchorage Assembly, which prohibited the Municipality from employment discrimination on the basis of "sexual preference."

"It was a big messy battle in Anchorage in late 1992/early 1993," writes Mel Green. "The ordinance was ultimately rescinded." Discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation or preference remains legal today in Anchorage and the rest of Alaska.

Ross' full response to Lawyers Against Discrimination:
"Dear LAD: (LAD??? Intentional, on your part? Or merely a Freudian slip?)
     I received your letter of 23 February 1993 regarding the Anchorage homosexual rights ordinance. While I am not surprised to see some of the names on your letterhead, I am most disappointed in other names thereon. I had more respect for some of you than I do now.
      I am in favor of repeal of the measure. I see nothing involving civil rights in this matter. We all, heterosexual or homosexual, have certain rights. This bill seems to give extra rights to a group whose lifestyle was a crime only a few years ago, and whose beliefs are certainly immoral in the eyes of anyone with some semblance of intelligence and moral character.
     It is a shame that you folks don't have some causes you could become involved in that are of benefit to society in general. Instead, you support degenerates. No wonder the legal profession is treated with less respect than we wish.
     If, as you apparently believe, morality is not based on long-standing God-given and God-instilled principles, but is something that changes from time to time based on public perception of right and wrong, then that is even more reason for you to allow this referendum to go to a vote of the people. After all, isn't it your position that public morality is based upon whatever the public decides?
     None of you has done anything publicly (to my knowledge) to attempt to protect the millions of lives of innocent children killed each year through abortion, yet you collectively contribute $5,000 to the cause of sexual perversion. It is quite disheartening to me to see my fellow members of our honorable profession display such a lack of proper priorities.
     Wayne Anthony Ross
     (from page 7 of the May-June 1993 Alaska Bar Rag)
 - hat tip to Steve for obtaining Ross' letter


Mel said...

Posted now also, with a PDF of the complete Alaska Bar Rag discussion, at Henkimaa.com (which someone at Progressive Alaska had asked for). Let's keep getting the word out!

Alaska Mike said...

There is still time to stop him!! Send your Public Opinion Message at:
Hurry up and get your message in! We need to stop the WAR!!

jay in uk said...

Funny about all this, really. Here in England, you would be charged with a crime, for what he's said. It's considered uncivilized hate speech. You would be hauled into court for criminal proceedings. The least you would face would be a fine, but jail time is possible. A bit troubled by it but it's interesting how differently politics can go.

Gene and I read this stuff and just shake our heads...

shellywoz said...

Shelly reads this stuff and starts to fight back against hate. That's the American way...

Mel said...

23 yeas, 35 nays: WAR goes down! Repeat, Wayne Anthony Ross will NOT be Alaska Attorney General. We fought the good fight, people, and we WON!

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