Equal Benefits for LGBT Alaskans

Public employers such as municipal governments, state agencies, and school districts have an obligation to provide the same benefits to same-sex domestic partners that they provide to spouses. The ACLU of Alaska wants to ensure that all Alaskans are receiving equal benefits, and conducted a survey of all public agencies in the State of Alaska.

"Know Your Rights! Domestic Partnership Benefits in Alaska" (.pdf) is an initial summary of the findings. It lists public employers who currently provide domestic partnership benefits, those who do not offer benefits, and employers who did not complete the survey.

What can you do to receive your benefits or help expand coverage?
Your employer has an obligation to provide you with information regarding the benefits available to you and your same-sex partner. If you work for a public employer who did not respond to our survey, you can help enforce your rights by:

1) Requesting that your employer make explicit their status on domestic partnership benefits.

2) Providing the ACLU of Alaska with accurate information regarding your employer's domestic partnership benefits policy or lack thereof.
If you have questions, suggestions or corrections, please contact Tiffany McClain, LGBT Public Policy Coordinator, ACLU of Alaska, 907-258-0044 ext. 101.

For more information, visit the ACLU of Alaska's LGBT rights page.

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