Jerry, In His Own Words: A Creative Response to Prejudice

In addition to the thoughtful supportive testimony at the Assembly hearings and the well-argued letters to the editor, there have been some very creative responses to the struggle for Ordinance 64, and to the hateful statements of the anti-gay lobby.

Bent Alaska posted one of Glenn Harvey's "Jerry: In His Own Words" posters on Monday's No Dead Queers post. Below are several more ordinance-related posters by Glenn.

Like the "perverted, diseased and depraved" poster linked above, this poster quotes Prevo's anti-ordinance sermon from June 28 (sermon video HERE).

Remember the mass-produced "Truth Is Not Hate" signs carried by the red-shirted children and anti-gay church members bussed in from Wasilla? We've heard that the signs were provided by Bailey's Furniture.

Like Sarah Palin and her gay friend (who doesn't deserve to be equal), opponents of the ordinance have a twisted understanding of friendship. Glenn mirrors their prejudice back at them.

Thanks to Glenn for creating the posters and allowing Bent to post them.


Anonymous said...

Is it possible/permissible to copy the "just don't ask me to accept it" poster to use as a signature in a forum community? That is an AMAZING poster!

E. Ross said...

It's an amazing poster, and Glenn is a very talented artist. I'll ask him about using the posters, and one of us will respond here, since you didn't leave contact info. Thanks for reading Bent.

Anonymous said...

is there a way to leave contact information without putting it 'out there'?

Thanks for asking Glenn for me.

Steve said...

One of the best ways to show the absurdity of what someone says is to turn it around like this. These are great. Let's get them printed and start putting them up. T shirts too maybe.

E. Ross said...

Anon - Glenn said, "Yep! Go for it!"

Steve - I didn't ask Glenn about t-shirts, but based on his response above I'd guess that he would be fine with that.

All - if you want to send private info like a contact address, feel free to email


Anonymous said...

Thank you, and thank Glenn. Off to copy and use.


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