Sullivan's "Special Right" to Discriminate

Anchorage cartoonist Peter Dunlap-Shohl on Mayor Sullivan's shameful veto of the equal rights ordinance:

This isn't the first time Dunlap-Shohl has drawn about our struggle for protection. In 1992, Dunlap-Shohl's cartoon on the attempt to add sexual orientation to the Equal Rights Charter appeared on the cover of a special issue of The Northview, Identity's magazine.

Steve Gingrich remembers that cartoon. On the left was a person with the caption: "This person wants - A chance to work, a place to live, and a little privacy." On the right was a person with a sign with 'GAY RIGHTS' within a circle with a diagonal, and the caption: "This person wants - To perpetuate bigotry, to impose his religious views on others, and to undermine the right to privacy." Below was the question: "Which is demanding special privileges?"

"I keep returning to the "Special Rights" theme because it is so galling and cynical," writes Peter. "My blood pressure is going up right now just thinking of it."

Thanks to Peter for creating this cartoon. More of his work can be found on his site Frozen Grin.

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