ACTION: Anchorage Mayor appoints homophobe to school commission during LGBT Pride Month - Contact the Assembly

UPDATE: The Assembly heard our concerns and voted on June 22 to postpone Bronson's appointment indefinitely! Happy Pride Week to all.

What was he thinking?! Anchorage Mayor Dan Sullivan appointed rabidly anti-gay Dave Bronson, founder and president of the Alaska Family Council and long time member of Anchorage Baptist Temple, to sit on the School Budget Advisory Commission - and he tried to sneak Bronson through the Assembly confirmation vote at last night's meeting, while progressive Assembly member and PrideFest 2010 grand marshal Elvi Gray-Jackson is out of town.

Bronson is the guy who threatened then-Assembly Chair Debbie Ossainder last summer, saying the AFC would blame her personally for the failure to stop the gays if Ordinance 64 passed. He even highlights his anti-gay activities in his resume, reaching back to his role in the 1994 repeal of the previous equal rights ordinance to show why he thinks he should be on the School Budget Commission.

As for his finance background - none. His education degree - zip. His kids' experience with the Anchorage school district - nope, they were home schooled. What are his qualifications? According to the resume he submitted for the school position, he leads a bible ministry, is a retired pilot, and has spent the past two decades being a professional homophobe.

Last night, the Assembly voted 6-4 to postpone the confirmation vote until their next meeting, on Tuesday June 22, when all members will be present. Yes, that's right, they might confirm this hater four days before Alaska's PrideFest!

Please contact the Assembly today and oppose Bronson's appointment: for the whole Assembly, and HERE for the list of assembly email addresses and phone numbers.

Also contact Mayor Sullivan and ask that he withdraw the appointment: and (907) 343-7100.


Anonymous said...

Here is a response I received:

Dr. Feraco, Thank you for your note and your comments. I am not inclined to support Mr. Bronson's appointment. Regards, Patrick Flynn

E. Ross said...

Everyone who received a response said it came from Flynn... but all of the Assembly members are aware of the public concern over Bronson, and so is the mayor. Let's hope the Assembly has the votes to oppose his appointment on June 22. Thanks for writing to them!

Matthew said...

Mine came from Drummond. She's a hoot.

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