AK Queerlympics begins today

LGBT Pride in Alaska kicks off today with part one of the new 3-part event AK Queerlympics. Week 1 is Queer Trivia, held at Organic Oasis at 2:30 p.m. and at Spenard Roadhouse at 4:30 p.m.

AK Queerlympics is a time to come out and WIN PRIZES through showing off what you know about your LGBT Community and competing in some outdoor competitions that you may never see anywhere else! Games will be based on teams of 4 and will take place on the 3 Saturdays leading up to PrideFest. Awards will be given at Pride on the ParkStrip.

AK Queerlympics will be divided into 3 parts
Week 1 - June 5: Queer Trivia. Spenard Roadhouse and Organic Oasis. Games will be intellectual and trivia.

Week 2 - June 12: Outdoor Blast. APU. Games will be physical and skills.

Week 3 - June 19: Mixed Talents. Held at one venue with final two teams playing for first place.

The Deal:
1) Come register Your Team
2) Play the Trivia to Gather Points for Your Team
3) Attend Next Week's event to Collect More points

Here's How You Win:
1) Win per Week - The Team with the Most Points at One Event
2) Win the Championship - The Team with the Most Overall Points

Download the rules, register your team, and see the full Pride schedule at Alaska PrideFest: www.alaskapride.org.

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