Make "Housing First" a reality, support Karluk Manor

Four A's is a member of the Anchorage Coalition on Homelessness and sent the following message in support of the Housing First program. They explain why this program is important to the fight against Homelessness and AIDS in Anchorage, and how we can lend our voices:
Make It A Reality

A Housing First project is critical to our efforts in eliminating homelessness from our community. RurALCAP is working hard to establish Anchorage's first large Housing First complex (48 efficiency-style units); Karluk Manor. Without a Housing First project, Anchorage will continue to struggle with the negative community impacts caused by the chronically homeless population.

Four A's has approximately 15 clients who are chronically homeless who would greatly benefit from this project. These individuals have been unsuccessful in any of the housing programs we have provided over the years. Without housing, these individuals are unable to remain adherent to HIV medications or consistently access support services. Each year we are serving more and more hard-to-serve/house individuals. Without this project, these people will remain homeless.


To make Karluk Manor a reality, RurALCAP requires a conditional use permit. We need you to voice your support for the project. For more information on Karluk Manor, click here. At the bottom of the page is information regarding Housing First (PDF) and Karluk Manor (PDF).

Click here to voice your support. Without community support, this project will die and we will not have a Housing First project for many years to come. Help us achieve our goal of 100 people providing positive testimony for Karluk Manor. Comments can be as short as "I support Karluk Manor", to more details outlining why you support the project.

Please join us and countless others in letting our community know the importance of Karluk Manor. The Municipality is putting forth many road blocks that have the potential of "killing" this project. Without your voice, they will win. Share this request with friends and family. We need the city to hear we want Housing First….we want Karluk Manor.

What is the Housing First program?
Housing First is permanent housing, as opposed to emergency/transitional housing, and has intensive case management services available. As a result of being permanently housed, the homeless can begin to access medical, mental health, substance abuse treatment, employment and vocational training and life skill resources. Economic studies have shown providing permanent housing for the chronically homeless population significantly reduces the costs of homelessness.
For more information about Housing First, click the links above for the Anchorage Coalition on Homelessness. For information on HIV/AIDS services and resources, visit Alaskan AIDS Assistance Association, aka the Four A's.

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