Santaland responds to anti-gay incident

Bent recently posted about a gay male couple that was kicked out of Santaland RV Park near Fairbanks by a manager who seems to have a problem with gays. Below is Santaland's response. They do not acknowledge or apologize for the "misunderstanding," like Denny's did earlier this year, and the reply is not signed by an individual, so no one is taking personal responsibility for this.

However, they do state that they "welcome everyone to our park, regardless of sexual orientation or any other factor." They know the LGBT community will not accept anti-gay prejudice from businesses, and they are not likely to allow it to happen again at Santaland - which is the main goal of bringing the incident to light.

Here is their response. If the gay couple replies, that will also be posted.
Dear Sir,

I appreciate your invitation to respond to the allegation that we evicted a guest of Santaland RV Park based on sexual orientation.

With regard to this particular incident, there were a number of things that were considered when we made our decision to ask this guest to leave our park. For privacy reasons I will not go into these factors, but I can assure you that sexual orientation was never even considered in the course of our decision to evict the guest, and certainly never came up in our discussions with this particular guest.

We have had tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of happy guests through our park over the years. We have always, and will continue to welcome everyone to our park, regardless of sexual orientation or any other factor.

Santaland RV Park
Where Santa Spends His Summers!

125 St. Nicholas Drive, North Pole, AK 99705
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Meanwhile, below the original Santaland post are comments from someone who thinks Santa is God. Anonymous said...
Praise his name! Its time we take HIS campgrounds back.
God has campgrounds?? And does this poor guy really think Santa is the Savior? No wonder he's confused about gays.

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Anonymous said...

God is Santa for adults

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