Anti-gay incident at SantaLand

Bent Alaska received the following warning for LGBTQ people and our allies concerning an unfriendly RV park in the Fairbanks area:
A well-respected member of the North Pole community and his partner were recently asked to leave Santa's RV because they are gay. Santa's RV is owned by the same people who own the Santa Claus House. Use of other campgrounds in Fairbanks or North Pole are suggested for anyone who despises this kind of discrimination. Thanks!
When I asked for more information, the writer replied that he heard about the incident from a mutual friend who is traveling out of state until July.
All I know is that they were told they had been reported as too loud and when they questioned that, they were told that the fact they were gay was the deciding factor.
The couple has been encouraged to write a letter to the News-Miner describing the incident, or to contact Bent directly. If they respond, the full story will be posted. I will also post a reply from SantaLand.

SantaLand RV Park was founded by Con and Nellie Miller, and their daughter Merry and son Mike (a former state senator) are still involved with Santa Claus House and the RV Park, according to the website. But SantaLand RV Park is currently managed by Phillip and Teffonie Wyman, who are active members of the North Pole Worship Center.

If you are LGBT and have camped at SantaLand RV Park recently, did you have any interactions - positive, negative or neutral - with the managers? If so, please leave a comment about it below this post. Thank you.


Anonymous said...

H8r's for owners, or not, why on earth would anybody want to stay at Santa's RV in the first place ?

Tacky, tacky, tacky, I say.

Anonymous said...

Praise his name!
Its time we take
HIS campgrounds back.

Lynne said...

Well, hallelujah, the Lord must love it when you don't have the courage to use your name in your oh-so-holy comments.

Lynne said...

I meant to say holier-than-thou comments. What was I thinking?

Anonymous said...

"The earth is the Lord's
and the fullness thereof"

HE said it. I believe it.
That settles it.

AK Artisan said...

Religious trolls are the worst kind of troll. The level of hypocrisy when it comes to gay people is astonishing beyond belief.

Anonymous said...

Astonishing beyond BELIEF.
Belief. Belief you say.
So you DO have the understanding
of the reality of faith. There
is yet hope that thou mightest be saved, oh perverse one.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it odd that those that claim to be the best stewards of God, are the one's doing the most damage ... gay or straight?

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