The Alaska Spirit lives in Seattle

Seattle's LGBT chamber of commerce launched the website Travel Gay Seattle last week to reach and attract LGBT travelers to Seattle, and the press release included this quote from corporate partner Alaska Airlines:
"We work hard to provide all our customers with genuine and caring service, and invite travelers to experience what we call 'Alaska Spirit'," said Glenn Johnson, Alaska Airlines' chief financial officer and executive vice president. "We are proud to partner with the GSBA [Seattle's gay business group] and others to showcase the hospitality and diversity you'll find in our hometown."
Well, heck. Wouldn't it be great to see Alaska Airlines bring some of that LGBT-friendly 'Alaska Spirit' home to Alaska... you know, the hometown they're named after. Wouldn't it be great if they sponsored an Alaska GLBT travel site... or were a sponsor of Alaska PrideFest, like they sponsor Seattle Pride? Seems they should support something gay in Alaska, if they're going to brag about the 'Alaska Spirit' of diversity.

Because, really, what's the point if Alaska Airlines only supports the 'Alaska Spirit' of diversity outside of the state of Alaska?


jay in uk said...

We all know the obvious reasons for this conduct but why not give 'em a call. Set up an appointment and see what they might do in Alaska. Who knows?

E. Ross said...

Last summer, we asked them to join the list of businesses that supported the ordinance. They refused. They wouldn't even let one of their administrators list his name as an individual.

But I don't know if PrideFest or other groups have asked Alaska Airlines to sponsor anything. What should we ask them to sponsor?

Anonymous said...

It's great they are supporting the gay community. But it's damned if they do and damned if they don't. They don't need to support gay issues in every city they serve. Just because they are called Alaska airlines does not mean they somehow owe the gay community here anything. The pride festival in Seattle is a fairly new thing for them. Give them some time. They are a business you know.

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