Transgender podcast debuts with Alaska show on "Transpeople and Christianity"

The first show of "Good Morning, TransAmerica!" is now available, with news and discussion on transgender issues around the world, hosted by Anja Gensel of Anchorage, Alaska.

The first show is called "Transpeople and Christianity: Does God have a plan for us?" Anja and her guests address why many Fundamentalist Christian churches reject transpeople, how they hijacked the Anchorage assembly hearings last summer, and why they have it wrong.
We ask the question "Can you be transgendered, AND be a Christian?" We hear from Anchorage Televangelist Jerry Prevo, Pastoral Minister Sarah Gavit of St Mary's Episcipal Church, and two Christian Transwomen, Kelly Johnson and Piper Moritz.
Another local segment on the show is "TransLife in a small Alaskan town" with commercial fisherman and Transwoman, Carrie Thorne. Carrie also discusses her experiences with Dr. Toby Meltzer, who performed SRS, Voice modification and FFS on her.

Other guests include Lisa O. discussing her SRS results performed in Thailand by Dr. Suporn.

Finally, Mental Health Clinician Roni Lanier, M.S. reviews the book: "Transgender Emergence: Therapeutic Guidelines for Working With Gender-Variant People and Their Families" by Arlene Ister Lev.

Plus, the podcast opens with a review of recent transgender world news.

The second show is called "TransLife in Australia" and will be available in June. For the third show, Anja travels to Chicago to the 2010 "Be-All" International Gender Conference.

"Transpeople and Christianity: Does God have a plan for us?" is available HERE.

For more information on the next shows, visit "Good Morning, TransAmerica!" on TransAlaska Pipeline, the website for Transgender Alaska.

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