Rachel Maddow on George "Rentboy" Rekers

George Rekers is the co-founder of the Family Research Council and is paid to convince school districts and state courts that gays can be cured. He is also secretly gay, as we learned in this week's "Rentboy" scandal. Rachel Maddow explains:

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Hmm. "When people have built their careers, their professions, on professions of their own sexual moral rectitude - David Vitter, John Ensign - when people have built their careers on trying to make life miserable and dangerous for gay people while they themselves are secretly gay - Larry Craig, George Rekers - then congratulations, you've made the news!"

Makes me wonder which Alaskans who have built their careers on making life miserable for gay people might be secretly gay...


Anonymous said...

No that anyone should care one way or another but there have always been rumors about Todd Palin. I'd be sad for him if he does prefer a life with a male partner but is stuck with a female.

Anonymous said...

The very most important thing about knowing anyones private business is that it simply isn't anyones business. That said I like that someone who is so outraged by what anyone else does in their private life is taken to task.
Sylvia in Anchorage

libhom said...

Hypocrisy and religious extremism are going together as usual. When will people stop believing these sanctimonious parasites.

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