LGBT Caucus Joins Alaska Democratic Party

Alaska's first LGBT political caucus is official!
The Alaska Democratic Convention approved the new LGBT Caucus on Saturday as an adjunct to Alaska's Democratic Party. The next meeting of the LGBT Caucus is May 24 at the Democratic Party headquarters in Anchorage.
"The LGBT community will now have an official voice in the Alaska Democratic Party," said Bert Mead, long time Democratic activist.
"We hope to engage the LGBT community to participate in local, state, and federal campaigns, and provide the training and knowledge to get involved politically across the state."
The LGBT Caucus will meet on a regular basis to support and endorse Democratic candidates running for office, meet and lobby elected officials, and recruit more LGBT Democrats to participate in the Alaska Democratic Party. Alaska's other LGBT organizations are non-profits and cannot endorse political candidates or promote the activities of a political party.
"The Alaska Democratic Party welcomes the LGBT Caucus to our ranks," said Patti Higgins, Chair of the Alaska Democratic Party.

"As the Democratic Party continues to lead the fight for freedom for all, we invite other groups to join and add their strength and voice to ours. It is our expectation that 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' will be gone before the end of this year. We also expect that the Employment Non‐Discrimination Act will be passed."
The Grrlzlist noted that this first LGBT Caucus of Alaska's Democratic Party is a "fitting tribute to Dan Carter-Incontro," Alaska's first openly-gay Democratic delegate. Dan passed away on April 18, 2010.

The next meeting for the LGBT Alaska Democratic Party Caucus is on May 24, 2010 from 6-8pm, at the ADP Headquarters, 2602 Fairbanks Street in Anchorage. Come meet other LGBT Democrats and discuss the future of the caucus.

For more information about the LGBT Caucus, please contact Bert Mead.

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