Fairbanks soldier investigated for "future gay terrorist" video

A Fairbanks soldier is under investigation for posting on Facebook a video titled "future gay terrorist!" with two Iraqi children being taunted about being homosexuals and terrorists, and writing, "I was bored in Iraq. So I kept myself entertained."

The young boys don't understand the soldier's insults about being gay and liking gay sex, so they nod and smile. When he asks if they will grow up to be terrorists, at first they return his thumbs up, then the older boy realizes the soldier is not being friendly.

Robert Rodriguez, stationed at Fort Wainwright near Fairbanks, made his Facebook page private a week after posting the clip, and his wall and videos are no longer visible to the public. However, a second Alaska-based soldier shared the video, and concerned friends in North Carolina contacted a local television station, which posted this video and the article quoted below:

The 30-second clip shows the two boys standing side by side on a dusty road, and the photographer asks them if they're gay and engage in homosexual acts. The boys smile and nod, but it's unclear whether they understand English.

"Are you going to grow up to be a terrorist? Yeah! All right! Cool! Yeah, terrorists! Woo!" the photographer says.

The boys smile and give a thumbs-up signal.

"Are you going to plant IEDs?" the photographer asks. "Yeah, awesome!"

The older boy apparently realizes at this point that they are being mocked, and he holds down the younger boy's arm.

The video was posted May 14 on the Facebook page of Robert Rodriguez and titled "future gay terrorists."

Rodriguez describes himself on Facebook as a soldier living in Fairbanks, Alaska. An Army spokesman said a Spc. Robert Rodriguez is stationed at Fort Wainwright, outside of Fairbanks.

It's unclear whose voice is heard on the video, but in posting the video to Facebook, Rodriguez wrote, "I was bored in Iraq. So I kept myself entertained."

A North Carolina soldier who also is based in Alaska subsequently shared the video with friends on his Facebook page, and a concerned area resident alerted WRAL News.

"The conduct portrayed in video is disgraceful and clearly inconsistent with the high standards we expect of every Soldier. The incident is currently under investigation. The Army will take appropriate action based on the findings of the investigation," Maj. Bill Coppernoll, a public affairs officer for the U.S. Army in Alaska, said in a statement Friday.

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Dr Ed said...

Court Martial these bastards as this is completely child abuse!

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