Hater Alert: Sound Aviation

A Bent Alaska reader asked the owner of Sound Aviation - a flight-seeing company based in Anchorage - a few questions about his scenic tours and got a long homophobic rant in reply. Why? The reader's email had a signature line supporting Alaskans Together for Equality, the statewide LGBT advocacy group, and Sound Aviation's owner Bill Marsan felt compelled to tell a potential customer that gays can be cured - and pilot Bill can show us how:
God has created man to have fellowship with Him and gave man and women the desire to be fruitful and multiply---have children so that they too could enter into fellowship with God... He made sure that man knew why He had made him and gave him a book to instruct him. The Bible. This same Bible tells us that it is wrong and unnatural for men to burn with lust for other men and women to burn for other women. It is a crime against nature and the whole purpose and reason He made us. It is not loving but rather sinful. God has made a way for sinful man to be forgiven instead of being judged in the end. Since everything He asks man to submit to is right, just and loving ---to do other than that is unloving and causes hurt, pain and misery to a society. The way to be forgiven is to stop sinning and submit to God's rule of love which will bless all people you come in contact with. We are cleansed as we believe in the Lord Jesus and what He did on the cross---He came to allow a way for the law of God to be upheld and yet allow Him to forgive sinful man based on their faith in His substitutionary death on the cross--By faith in Him our pending doom can be canceled and we may begin a relationship with Him---It is really amazing to see how God deals with man--such patience with the wicked---waiting for them to turn to Him and His design for the universe. You to may enter into this amazing relationship TODAY---if you wish more information I would be happy to provide you with more. Homosexuality is NOT a civil rights issue ---It is a SIN issue.
All that (and much more - this quote is only the second half of his reply) in response to a few questions about scenic tours.

We don't have to support business owners who force their anti-gay religious bigotry on us! Spend your 'gay dollars' on gay-positive businesses, like those in the LGBT-Friendly Business Lists linked in the right-hand column of the blog.

Please spread the word about Marsan, so that no gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender visitor to our beautiful state becomes a captive audience to this hater and has to sit through a whole flight of his ugliness.

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