29 Years Together: Anchorage gay couple interviewed for Vancouver Pride

"When Fred Traber and Larry Snider began dating in 1981, the social and cultural landscape in their small hometown of Anchorage, Alaska, did not allow them to be open with their relationship."
So begins an interview of a gay Anchorage couple in a Vancouver, Canada newspaper.

Fred and Larry attended Vancouver Pride on August 1 and got an unexpected souvenir - they were interviewed by The Vancouver Sun about their 29 year relationship, and a video clip was posted online with the article and photos.

The newspaper was looking for gay couples who met in various decades, as part of a Gay Pride series, and a local friend recommended them for the couple who met in the '80s.
"We had fun doing the interview and were flattered that they asked us," Fred told Bent Alaska. "It was a fun adventure. They brought a film crew to the hotel and got nearly 2 hours of tape."

"We covered a lot of topics, and sadly, some of the things most important to us didn't make the cutting. We talked about the onset of AIDS and the impact it had on the gay community in Alaska - the huge number of friends we lost, the stigma, and lifestyle changes. We talked about having to carefully plan vacations to destinations where we would be safe and accepted. Lots of issues that were prevalent 30 years ago that are not so much today."
We've come a long way, but we still travel to big city Pride events in LGBT-accepting locations. Like Vancouver Pride.
"Vancouver Pride is always a very important event for us. The city is so beautiful, the people are so enlightened and there is such a terrific sense of community. The Pride Parade was over 3 hours long - without any gaps. Major corporations, labor unions, government officials, social service agencies, bars, and lots of LGBT groups of people of every stripe. A new attendance record this year with over 600,000 families, friends and visitors watching, applauding and laughing. Very exhilarating and a total validation of our lifestyle."
And the local newspapers run Gay Pride articles before, during and after Pride weekend, sometimes featuring out of town visitors!

The interview clip focuses on Fred and Larry's early years together as closeted gay men in Alaska, as well as their California wedding in October 2008 and the Anchorage reception. Here is the video (it starts with a short ad):

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Love,love, love Fred and Larry! Way to go!

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