Meet Actress Sheetal Sheth at her Alaska film premiere

Yes, it's true! Join this hot actress for a Q&A session following her girl-gets-girl action in the Alaska premiere of two award-winning lesbian movies, I Can't Think Straight and The World Unseen, playing as a double-feature at Out North on October 8 & 10. And it's a benefit! Tickets go on sale at Metro in September.

The timing is great. It's right before National Coming Out Day (Oct 11) and the same weekend as the annual Alaska Pride Conference (Oct 9 at APU in Anchorage) and the biannual Womyn's Dance (Oct 9 at the Snow Goose). With the conference all day on Saturday, the dance Saturday night, and the films and Sheetal on Friday and Sunday, you'll definitely want to Come Out and join us!

Maureen Suttman is the organizer of the premiere. She chose I Can't Think Straight and The World Unseen (see the trailers below) partly because of their rich multi-cultural perspectives and the long term lesbian couple who created the films.
"They have earned over 30 international awards AND haven't been screened here," she wrote to Bent Alaska. "I happened to cross emails with Sheetal and stepped out there and invited her, and she has been saying "yes" for the last 2 months about coming here. Alaska sure does help in sparking interest."

"Last Spring, I saw 2 films that have been gaining the attention of both lesbians and the greater GLBT community. One set in London and a romantic comedy, the other set in South Africa and a drama, they both take on multiple layers of culture without losing underlying relationship themes--and while bringing tremendous heart and thought provoking images to the screen. Looking more, I found that between the two films they have won over 30 awards from around the globe. Further research into the production house behind them showed that at its helm are 2 women who are long-term domestic partners (and moms to their boys). Shamim Sarif is an award winning novel writer turned screen writer turned director. Hanan Kattan is her partner and the films' producer. Together they head London-based Enlightenment Productions and are gearing up additional novels to movies, music and television projects."

"Thinking others here would be interested in the films and the women behind them, I found myself compelled to show them in Anchorage. I sought out permission from EP's main office and am happy to report that on October 8th and 10th there will be a benefit screening of the films I Can't Think Straight and The World Unseen at Out North. In addition, and by an incredible stroke of good luck, Sheetal Sheth--co-star of both films (and NOH8 campaign supporter!) is coming to join us and will be available for audience Q&A and after-film conversation. Tickets will go on sale at Metro Music and Books in September."

"Since the films' releases, Sheetal's co-star Lisa Ray was diagnosed with multiple myeloma and underwent stem cell replacement treatment. Though now in remission, she was unable to work throughout treatment. Out of concern for her, there was an outpouring of fan support and a project to generate income for her was set up. The benefit film screenings will support both the Lisa Ray audio book project fund, as well as our own Gay and Lesbian Community Center of Anchorage."

"Check out Enlightenment Productions for more info on the films and the very creative gals behind them. More information on the Lisa Ray audio book project can be seen on Shamim Sarif's blog."

"Check out Sheetal at Her email address is there so why not leave her a message in anticipation of her visit? Personal experience suggests she will likely answer especially if you reference Alaska in the subject line."

"Thanks and hope to see everyone there!"
Thanks to Maureen for inviting this internationally-known actress to visit Alaska with the premiere of these two great films! Let's give Sheetal a warm Alaska welcome and fill that theater.

Where: Out North, 3800 DeBarr Road
When: Friday October 8 at 6:30 p.m., and Sunday October 10 at 1 p.m.
How much: $15 for the double feature

Watch the trailer for I Can't Think Straight:

Watch the trailer for The World Unseen:

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