Maddow: Amtrak's gay ads upset Family Council

Amtrak is planning a marketing campaign geared to the gay community, and that news has the Family Research Council in a tizzy, reports Rachel Maddow and Kent Jones in the 'Trainbow' episode.

(This happened before Prop 8 was overturned. Now the FRC has bigger things to whine about. But the segment is a good laugh after a week of serious news, and shows how petty they are.)

The Alaska Railroad is not part of Amtrak and not likely to make ads inviting gay and lesbian passengers to ride the rails through the Alaskan wilderness (although I'd love to see what they'd come up with...)

But we do have a local FRC-quoting group who would throw a tizzy fit if the Alaska RR did advertise to gays.

Watch Gays on a Train:

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libhom said...

I am so sick of religious extremists, regardless of which religion.

E. Ross said...

Agreed. At least these religious extremists are so absurd that we can laugh at them.

Joan B. said...

Do you suppose the FRC would rather we ride the train, or pull one?

Now that's out of the way--

Convincing *anyone* to ride the train is money well spent from an ecological and climate-change point of view. The FRC are showing their true colors here. They don't care about the consequences, as long is they get their moral imperative shoved down everyone's throat.

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