Protest signs: NOM vs. Love

The video below compares signs recently seen at anti-gay marriage rallies around the country and reminds me of the signs at last summer's Ordinance 64 rallies in Anchorage: mass produced signs of bigotry from the Prevo/Burke anti-gay mob vs. creative individually made rainbow posters about equality and love held by LGBT people and our allies.

The video below is good, but it leaves out the most infamous hate sign from this summer's anti-gay NOM rallies. That sign calls for gays to be lynched. This is what hate looks like:

Intro to the video
In 2010 the National Organization for Marriage (NOM) launched a nationwide tour to "protect marriage." At each stop they were met with meager supporters and large protests against NOM's message of hate and intolerance.

NOM complained that the protests were violent, intimidating, and hateful, which they weren't. But it's ironic because gays have been facing real hate and real intimidation for years and years.

This is a slideshow from protests I attended during Massachusett's marriage equality fight, as well as from around the country.

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