Daily Show: Sarah, Maggie & friends on Prop 8 ruling

Wonder what Palin thinks about the overturning of Prop 8? Jon Stewart mocks the absurd comments made by anti-gay reporters and political figures, including what our quitter-ex-gov said about the landmark decision. (Hint - she admits that she hasn't read the ruling, but gives an opinion on it anyway, of course.)

He also includes an awkward CNN report from a gay bar, and a clip of Anderson Cooper patiently asking a question three times before Maggie Gallagher of NOM answers it... sort of.

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jay in uk said...

"Sorry, videos are not currently available in your country."

That pretty much sums up following Palin in the UK (except for Bristol and whatshisname).

E. Ross said...

You can't watch Daily Show clips in the UK? Bummer!

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