PFLAG wins best themed booth at Alaska fair

This year's Tanana Valley State Fair is themed "Barn in the USA" and Fairbanks PFLAG won Best Theme Decorated Booth for their barn display with a red-white-and-blue picket fence and same sex pairs of barnyard animals partner dancing at a barn dance, including two cartoon steers, two male pigs, two female geese, two stuffed animal hens nesting in the hay loft over the dance floor, and an emcee rooster in drag.

Fairbanks Parents, Family and Friends of Lesbians & Gays (PFLAG) posted a Facebook message on Friday announcing the result:
"PFLAG Fairbanks won "Best Theme Decorated Booth" at the Tanana Valley State Fair! The booth has received many positive comments, gentrifying the Borealis Pavilion in the fair's main showcase for non-profits, vendors and (this year) politicians. Congratulations to Jenn and Beverly for all their preparation and to the volunteers (especially to Kerry, who recruited volunteers) who have made the booth a success with young and old alike."
Pete of PFLAG added:
"Besides thanking Beverly for the hard work on constructing the booth and Jenn for painting the animals, including the Rave Rooster, PFLAG also wanted to thank the Imperial Court of All Alaska for their support in helping underwrite the costs, and Alaskans Together for their support as well. It is a community project, with over 50 volunteers, several new members, and everyone providing their own touch in making an impact in community. Good job."
"I hope the booth helped gain recognition for PFLAG," wrote Beverly. "I hope the Fair gives us a good theme next year so we can rise to it."

She's also thinking of names for the two stuffed animal hens that watch over the booth 24 hours a day from the hay loft shelf, and wants your suggestions.

The Tanana Valley State Fair ends Saturday night, August 14th. If you're going to the Fair, be sure to stop by the PFLAG booth.

Congratulations to PFLAG Fairbanks!

- Above: Shayle and Nancy staff the 2010 PFLAG booth at the Tanana Valley State Fair in Fairbanks, Alaska. Photos by Chris.

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