FotF targets Murkowski on DADT & Defense Budget, part 2

Bent Alaska's report that an anti-gay national group Focus on the Family is calling Alaska voters to pressure Sen. Murkowski to vote against the annual Defense Budget because it includes the repeal of Don't Ask, Don't Tell was picked up by the blog Lez Get Real, and they filled in the missing information about the Burris Amendment.

The pre-recorded call received by Alaskan voters "summed up by using all the buzz words and concepts, something like 'if you don't condone 'open homosexuality' in the military or want your tax dollars spent on abortions at military bases, call Lisa Murkowski and tell her to vote no on the defense budget which has amendments to repeal DADT and bar abortions on military bases.'"

We know about DADT. Lez Get Real explains the pro-choice measure:
"The Abortion amendment FoF is talking about, is the Burris Amendment, which does not in fact affect the prohibition that currently exists on publicly funded abortions at armed services hospitals and even if the amendment passes, female service members will still be forced to privately finance the procedure, thanks to the Hyde Amendment. What it does, is allow military hospitals to provide abortions to women service members in war zones only, at the service member's own expense."
Yes, FotF wants to punish all service members by withholding the Defense Budget just because of these two amendments:
"Because that budget also includes the repeal of Don't Ask, Don't Tell and a provision for female service members to pay for an abortion at a military hospital, with funds out of their own pockets, should they happen to be raped in a combat zone… so of course the FoF does not like that at all, because as we know its better not to buy bullets and body armor for our service people should the budget include anything to do with the queers or women."
Please call Senator Murkowski and urge her to vote YES for the repeal of DADT: 202-224-6665, or toll free in Alaska at 1-877-829-6030.

Her other Alaska phone numbers and online email contact page are listed HERE.

Thanks to LGR for adding to this report.


libhom said...

I think it is interesting that they are largely ignoring ENDA. It shows how they even know that ENDA could easily pass.

E. Ross said...

The DADT repeal has already passed the House, and a Senate vote is coming, so they are focused on that.

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