Memorial & Open House for FKen - Aug 5th

Some people did not hear about the initial memorial service for FKen Freedman held soon after his passing, so we're having a second memorial celebration of his life to coincide with the sale of his home and belongings. Friends and community members are invited to an Open House Remembrance Ceremony and Private Estate Sale on August 5, beginning at 5 p.m.
5-6 PM Hors d' oevres: Hearty hors d' oeuvres & open house. Catered by his favorite restaurant – Thai House!

6-7 PM Remembrance Ceremony: FKen's Celebration of Life was at the U/U Fellowship Hall on May 6th and was hurriedly organized to accommodate FKen's family from out of state. This is an opportunity for those who were not able to make the original service to collectively gather and share their memories. Those who were at the first service are again invited to this more informal event.

This will be a time to share stories and memories of a remarkable man who is a long-time friend and community organizer. His home, where this event is taking place, is the birthplace of the NorthView and the Identity Helpline. We hope you will join us for an evening with our community, as FKen liked to say, "our tribe" in this very special place.

7-8 PM Private Estate Sale for friends and community members: FKen's house will be on the market for sale in the next two weeks. Most of FKen's belongings are in place. This is an opportunity to purchase items from the estate sale before they are offered to the public on Friday and Saturday August 6 & 7th. The proceeds will go to continue FKen's support of his mother.
Please RSVP for the location and directions.

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