Paige for Empress 38 of All Alaska

Miss Paige Langit, co-host of the Friday Night Diva Show at Mad Myrna's, is running for Empress.
I am happy to announce that I am running for the title of Empress 38 of the Imperial Court of All Alaska! I would appreciate your support! I have a fan page up aptly titled Vote Paige for Empress 38 of All Alaska! LOL Follow me on the campaign trail!
Paige shared "just a lil' bit" about herself:
My name is Paige Langit, and I've been an active member of the ICOAA for the past eight years.

As a straight ally, I wish to enlighten the straight community as to what it is the Imperial Court does, and hopefully with that understanding, be able to form a more cohesive bond between the GLBT and straight communities, especially the new generation. (Not quite Star Trek...) I want to see more involvement in the fundraising efforts this organization puts together, because in the end, everyone benefits; from the students who are awarded the scholarships and charitable organizations that are given donations, to the people who donate their time and effort who will build and create better and new relationships and networks with others, regardless of their personal lifestyle.

I'm 29 years old. I think my age gives me an upper hand at this point in time. During my time as Duchess, I found that I was able to associate with the younger crowd, and help introduce them to the Court and involve a new generation of the GLBT community who, in turn, help give back to their own community. (It's a wonderfully vicious cycle...)

I have never felt more part of something, as I have with the GLBT community and the Imperial Court of All Alaska. With the experiences that I have had in (most specifically) the last two years within the Court and community, with involvement in almost every fundraiser in the State, including Fairbanks and Juneau, I feel that I am ready to give back to the a community which has welcomed me and let me find my own place within it. (... kicking and screaming of course...)

I know this isn't really much about my past or what my favorite foods are... do I like long walks on the beach, etc... but it's the important things that are going through my mind right now. :)
Starting this week, Mad Myrna's is hosting Wii Wednesdays and the first few weeks are called "EnE Candidate Edition". Miss Paige - Anchorage's Diva will be hosting Wii Wednesdays, and all of the local candidates running for Emperor and Empress will be there to meet people and talk about the community. See the candidates in action and get your game on at the same time - Wii Wednesdays, 6-10 p.m. at Myrna's.


The Diva Paige said...

Thank you so much Bent Alaska! <3

E. Ross said...

You're welcome. Thanks for introducing yourself to Bent's readers, and for running for ICOAA Empress.

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