FotF targets Murkowski on DADT

Focus on the Family, a radical anti-gay group based in Colorado, is pressuring Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski to vote against the 2010 Defense Budget because it includes the repeal of Don't Ask, Don't Tell.

A Bent Alaska reader received a pre-recorded call from CitizenLink, FotF's political action wing:
"... After their intro remarks, they summed up by using all the buzz words and concepts, something like "if you don't condone 'open homosexuality' in the military or want your tax dollars spent on abortions at military bases, call Lisa Murkowski and tell her to vote no on the defense budget which has amendments to repeal DADT and bar abortions on military bases."

"There was absolutely no opportunity to talk to a live person at the end... We need to counter by calling her to vote YES!"
The repeal of DADT is attached to the Defense Budget, and the Senate will vote on it soon, but I have not heard of an abortion amendment on this year's military budget.

Murkowski claims to be a fiscal conservative and a moderate Republican. She should resist the pressure from outsiders like FotF and vote for the repeal of DADT. It will allow gays and lesbians currently serving in silence to serve with honesty, and allow many qualified Americans currently barred from the military to join and defend our country.

Call Senator Murkowski and urge her to vote YES for the repeal of DADT: 202-224-6665, or toll free in Alaska at 1-877-829-6030.

Her other Alaska phone numbers and online email contact page are HERE.


jay in uk said...

I feel like I'm off-topic here, but I had to comment on the use of these words in your last paragraph:

'...and defend our country.'

Oh, if only the USA would only defend itself, but its history is like so many other nations, complicit in offense serving its interests. Soldiers serve both these ends, sadly.

Not only this, I have long believed that we gay men should not take up arms to kill other men. Maybe it's just a bit of moral indigestion left over from consciousness-raising days... but can't we men seek something better than the 'right' to kill?

E. Ross said...

I see your point, and many LGBT people agree with you. But I still want us to have the right to join the military, if we want to.

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