The new Duke & Duchess of Fairbanks

Congratulations to the Imperial Court's new Grand Duke Lynnette and Grand Duchess Kara of Fairbanks!

I am honored and thrilled to hold the title of Fairbanks Grand Duke XVIII. Thanks goes out to everyone who attended [Saturday] night's show and for those of you who encouraged me to run this year.

I have lived in Fairbanks since May 1998 and have been a non-active participant of the community for years. My first drag show I ever attended was back in the "Palace" days.... where I had the great opportunity to meet some of the best Kings and Queens.

I am interested in helping this community not only grow in size but grow together for the good of outreach and community togetherness. During my year as Grand Duke XVIII I hope everyone will support me, advise me, and help me help OUR community be stronger than its ever been. I am open to any and all suggestions to make this year a FABULOUS year!! LET'S DO THIS TOGETHER!!!
Kara, Duchess of Fairbanks, doesn't have a new page set up, but she's smiling in the Ducal Ball photos! Congrats to both of them, and to the Fairbanks community.


Kara Duchess XVIII said...

I am also honored and thrilled to be the Grand Duchess XVIII of Fairbanks! I would also like to thank those who attended the show and the many people I have met in the past week and a half who have welcomed me with open arms.

I am from Fairbanks, born and raised. Although I have lived in this community for most of my life I am new to the GLBT community. I am excited and honored to represent our community and am trying to learn as much as I can. I welcome any ideas or suggestions.

A little about me... I am a single mother of a 5 year old girl. I work as a case manager for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault, and I have very recently started grad school.

Some things I would like to do... I would like to raise awareness for domestic violence and sexual assault within the GLBT community. I would also like to increase some fund raising, and activities and would like to do something focused on youth. I have big ideas but am very interested in what YOU would like to see happen in Fairbanks!!

Add me to Facebook, Kara Duchess Fairbanks!

E. Ross said...

Hi Kara - thanks for adding your introduction, and congrats on the new title!

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