2nd Hearing Today: Who Should Determine the Laws of Anchorage?

Gov. Palin, in today's acceptance of David Letterman's apology, talked about America's Right to Free Speech: "may that right be used to promote equality and respect." I couldn't agree more!

The second Assembly hearing on the equal rights ordinance for Anchorage is tonight, Tuesday June 16, in Loussac Library. Doors open at 3 p.m., meeting starts at 5, arrive early if you want a seat inside. 

At least two groups are holding picnics with food and music outside on the Library lawn. Potluck of the People will celebrate both the diversity and the unity of our city, and everyone is invited. Bring food and musical instruments. Wear whatever you like and make your own sign.

An anti-ordinance demonstration is also planned, with food and a "praise band." Mass-produced signs with a pre-approved message in large block letters (shows up great on TV!) will be available for you to carry. Everyone wears red. The demo is Prevo's media display, to show that he calls the shots in this town, to flash his big red band.

So who should determine the laws of Anchorage?

1. The Assembly and Mayor, with input from a diversity of Anchorage people.
2. Residents of Wasilla (who are being allowed to testify against the ordinance.)
3. Jerry Prevo.

The ordinance has already been watered down once to appease Prevo, who responded that "the term "sexual orientation" is not acceptable in any discrimination ordinance." Members of the clergy, including Prevo and those who support equality, met with the Assembly and Mayor last night. Today, the ordinance is being revised again.

Who should decide what becomes the law in Anchorage and what doesn't? The Assembly, Mayor and residents, including you and me and the Moderate Majority? Or extremists like Prevo and his followers?

Send your answer to the Assembly members today

Attend the second hearing on the equal rights ordinance this evening. Come early if you want a seat inside the library. Bring food, drink and music for the unity picnic on the lawn. See you there!

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