Revised Ordinance Exempts Small Businesses, Religious Groups, and Bathrooms. Prevo still opposes it.

A revised version of the ordinance that removes "veteran's status" and strengthens the religious and business exemptions was released on Friday. The revision, AO 2009-64(S), also states that the ordinance "does not apply to discrimination because of one's biological gender in matters such as access to restrooms…"

Equality Works explains the problem with legislating bathroom use in their assessment of the revised ordinance:
"We feel that excluding transgender people from the right to use the restroom in which they feel most safe and comfortable is not only unnecessary, but an irresponsible public policy choice that endangers lives... We sincerely hope [for] an ordinance that respects everyone's right to safe use of public restrooms and is based on facts rather than fiction and fear."
But opponents to the ordinance fill their collection plates by pedaling fiction and fear. The response from Jerry Prevo's site was immediate:
"NEW!!! A revised version of the sexual orientation ordinance has been released by the acting Mayor. Supposedly, it is to prevent some of the problems we have raised. However, the term "sexual orientation" is not acceptable in any discrimination ordinance. The first ordinance shows what the homosexual movement really wants. We must say NO to the inclusion of homosexuality in any discrimination ordinance. Please encourage the Assembly to vote NO on this ordinance and do not amend Anchorage's discrimination ordinance to include homosexuality as an acceptable alternative lifestyle. This will eventually lead to homosexuals wanting to make homosexual marriages legal in Alaska."
To Ivan Moore and others who thought that an ordinance limited to sexual orientation would be acceptable to Prevo and his followers, the message is clear: they will not accept anything that gives us civil rights, in any form. The equal rights ordinance cannot be made acceptable to Rev. Prevo, because gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered human beings are not acceptable to him:
"I can't minister to these people. I can't tell them that Jesus Christ died for them and will forgive them just like He will an adulterer or a murderer..."
We cannot compromise with him because he is not bargaining in good faith. He is simply using the media attention to gain money and fame.

Prevo's real goal is to increase his power over our city's laws and politics. He admitted to ADN reporter Julia O'Malley that he will force a recall vote if the Assembly passes any version of equal protections for gays. He also admitted that he will use his pulpit to ruin the careers of politicians who resist his control of the city. 

The choice clear for us, our allies, and anyone who thinks that Anchorage should not be run by a fundamentalist minister. We must support an inclusive ordinance, stand firm against Prevo and take back our city.

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