Photos from Ordinance Hearing #3

The parade of bigotry continued inside the Assembly chambers on Wednesday as opponents to the Anchorage ordinance demanded the right to keep discriminating against gays.

Outside the library, DJ Dan spun tunes for the demonstrators. Ordinance supporters celebrated diversity and civil rights, while opponents pushed lies and fear.

How many hours of prejudice does the Assembly need to hear to recognize us as a stigmatized minority group? How many days and weeks of personal attacks do we need to sit through to gain legal protection? 

The next scheduled hearing is on Tuesday, June 23. Please wear blue.


Anonymous said...

The images from these hearings are just shocking. Thanks for your video; here's some more footage

Anonymous said...

Nice poster: "We're still having this conversation?"

Anonymous said...

I think a powerful image would be two drinking fountains - (or large picnic cooler drink dispensers, sitting on a table)-

One dispenser is labeled


the other labeled


to me, one of the most powerful images of racial discrimination and the ignorance it showed, was of the separate drinking fountains labeled WHITES and BLACKS

But really, it's the same thing today. Opponents of the ordinance are saying LBGTs and their lifestyles are;

we don't wanna live by them
work with them

so the two separately labeled drink dispensers could be one of those ---

'A picture is worth a thousand words'

I don't have a table or the coolers, but if anybody does, how about bringing them to the next Loussac lawn party/demonstration

Maybe we could have two other drink dispensers on the other side of the table, only these two have a sign that say

'For all those who thirst'

E. Ross said...

Interesting idea, but the ordinance is not about marriage or 'separate but equal'. This ordinance is for protection against discrimination, mostly in employment, so a sign saying "Anchorage is hiring - no gays need apply" would be more appropriate. That is another iconic photo of various civil rights movements. Thanks for the suggestion.

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