Would Jesus Discriminate?

Metropolitan Community Church of Anchorage and St. Mary's Episcopal Church are hosting a "Would Jesus Discriminate?" Town Hall meeting and service at 6 p.m on June 5 at St. Mary's, on the corner of Tudor and Lake Otis. MCC's Rev. Norman Van Manen will give the keynote address and will be joined by panelist Sara Gavitt of St. Mary's, and possibly others.

"This is an opportunity to explore Christian Scripture and tradition as we look at the social justice issue of discrimination," writes Sara Gavit. "The community is being bombarded by a lot of ugly rhetoric right now and our hope is that this service and discussion will be a time of healing, education and understanding."

Rev. Van Manen was a guest on a local conservative talk show and interviewed by television reporters in support of the proposed Anchorage non-discrimination ordinance.

The Town Hall will tackle one of the biggest challenges facing modern society — including, rather than excluding, people. Members of the local community are invited to participate in an experience based on the model of justice taught by Jesus Christ and other leaders of world religious movements.

The Town Hall grew out of an international campaign developed by MCC in partnership with Faith in America. The "Would Jesus Discriminate?" Campaign that MCC churches have facilitated in Indianapolis, Minneapolis and 57 more cities in the U.S., Australia, Africa and the United Kingdom is an important exercise for Christians and non-Christians. 

All are welcome. The Town Hall meeting is free, will begin with a prayer service at 6 p.m. and will include a potluck meal. St. Mary's Episcopal Church is located at 2222 East Tudor Road in Anchorage.

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