Attend the Public Hearing: Tuesday, June 9 at Loussac Library

We need YOU to be at the public hearing on June 9th to show Assembly members that people in our town want lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender Alaskans to be protected from discrimination! 

Where? Loussac Library, Assembly Chambers 1st Floor (36th & Denali) 

When? 5:00-11:00, but if you want to get a seat or you plan to testify, we recommend that you get there no later than 4:30. 

What to do? Wear blue—the color of peace and unity—and your Equality Works button. 

What if I can't stay for the meeting? Get out your markers and paint to make a sign and show your solidarity outside the library for as long as you can stick around. 

Note on Hearing Conduct: This is an official meeting that must be conducted as fairly and impartially as possible. It is important that we conduct ourselves with respect and restraint, no matter how offensive the remarks we might hear coming from the other side. Please refrain from booing, name-calling, or otherwise mocking those who disagree with you. Also, we want to see hundreds of supportive signs outside Loussac library, but they will not be allowed inside the hearing room.  


akmuffin said...

I see where the "non-political" Preacher Man is calling his flock to the Hearing on tuesday:

We Need You There!
Tuesday's Assembly Meeting
June 9 at 6 p.m. or earlier
Loussac Library
3600 Denali, Room 108
The Assembly will be hearing public
testimony on the proposed
Please wear something red to
identify with our group.

Maybe we should all try to be outside the Chambers early, to take all the seats, before the red shirts arrive.

E. Ross said...

Come early and plan to stay late!

Kim K said...

I can't make it to tonight's meeting but want to show support. I've been away for a bit, is there a letter-writing campaign or call-in campaign that I can contribute to?

E. Ross said...

Kim - We've been writing to our Assembly members and to the newspapers. For today, send an email to the Assembly: their addresses are linked on item 2 of 8 Ways You Can Help Pass the Ordinance. Thanks!

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