Midnight Soapscum and Big Fat Gay Wedding at Out North

Midnight Soapscum: Goes to Hell! is a 5 episode soap opera being performed live during June and July at Out North Theater, concluding with The Big Fat Gay Wedding before the final show on Saturday, July 18th.

Theatre Artists United returns with Season Two of Alaska's only live soap opera, written by Christian Heppinstall. See a new episode every week. Midnight Soapscum: Goes to Hell! features love, sex, porn, aliens, Donny & Marie, and a war against California's Prop 8 banning gay marriage. The local cast includes Jon Minton, N'kia, Anthony Lounsbury, and Christian Heppinstall as Svetlana Smirnov. Directed by Jon Minton. Performances at 10:30 p.m. on Fridays & Saturdays, June 19th-July 18th. Tickets are $15 online or at the door.

Midnight Soapscum Goes to Hell!
Episode One - June 19th & 20th 

Love. Sex. Porn. Aliens. Madame Svetlana Smirnov has seen it all, and then some. But now her strength will be tested when she is implored to take a stand against California's Prop 8 banning Gay Marriage, and wage war against the tyrants who support it. With a new CEO, a new stable of studs, a wannabe-starlet with a mysterious past, and a French guy with a poodle, can she defeat the combined forces of a former porn star-cum-anti-porn crusader, a bloodthirsty priest, a Vice Presidential candidate, and Donny & Marie (yes, that Donny and Marie)? 

Midnight Soapscum Goes to Hell!
Episode Two - June 26th & 27th

With Madame Svetlana Smirnov taking a stand against California's Prop 8 banning gay marriage, the action is heating up in Midnight Soapscum Goes to Hell! Tune in and find out why aliens, President Obama, a catfight between a former porn star and the country's hottest Governor, and an ending that gives new meaning to the term "divine intervention" all make it an episode you can't afford to miss! 

Midnight Soapscum Goes to Hell!
Episode Three - July 3rd & 4th

Alaska's only live soap opera gets deeper and darker as Caribou Barbie and her cohorts execute the beginning stages of their master plan to bring down Madame Svetlana Smirnov for supporting gay marriage and opposing the ban on it by Prop 8. As Zami Lorde struggles with her identity, Brie Savage attempts to blackmail Smirnov Studios, but instead comes face-to-face with a forbidden romance. It all leads up to a scene so suspenseful, Hitchcock would be on the edge of his seat. Who will reach their grim demise in the bell tower of Mission San Juan Bautista? Tune in and find out! 

Episode 4 - July 10 & 11
Episode 5 - July 17 & 18
Descriptions of these exciting episodes are TBA. Check the Out North schedule for updates.

The Big Fat Gay Wedding!
July 18th

Come support gay marriage and your gay friends and family! Get married for real (if you are straight), get your union blessed (for gays) or just renew your vows at Out North before the final showing of Episode Five of Midnight Soapscum Goes to Hell, Saturday, July 18th. Officiated by Rev. Dianne O'Connell. 7pm Reception, 8pm Marriage Ceremonies, 9pm Wedding photos with the cast, 10:30pm Episode Five, Midnight: Blessing of Love & cast party. Free admission for the Reception and Weddings.

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