Hearings on Tues. & Wed., Buckley Brigade formed to Welcome and Protect

from Equality Works

The second round of testimony is on Tuesday, June 16, 5-11 pm. Once again, we want to try to fill Loussac Library with a sea of blue (and don't forget your Equality Works buttons!). You may have already testified, but we still need you to be there in solidarity with those who haven't had a chance. They need to hear you applauding and supporting their bravery just as they did for you.

Please come early! Doors to the Assembly chambers are unlocked at 3 pm, but if you can get there earlier, even better. Bring a book, bring friends, bring your laptop--but be there!

There is a third round of testimony scheduled for the following day, Wednesday, June 17, from 4-10 pm. So if you can't make it on Tuesday, come Wednesday.

A Note on Safety
We are aware that the atmosphere outside Loussac Library last week was in many ways far more heated and hostile than the atmosphere inside the Assembly chambers. Many of our supporters were so intimidated by the red shirts that they never even made it into the library. Others were afraid to walk back to their cars alone when the meeting was over.


To ensure that LGBT community & allies feel safe and welcome at this week's hearings and other hearings to come, Jackie Buckley is organizing the Buckley Brigade—a welcome wagon/security team that will be present to greet our supporters with smiling faces, escort them back and forth to their cars if necessary, and ensure that the rallying outside doesn't get too loud or out of control.


If you have any friends who left Loussac Library last week without going inside, please let them know that the Buckley Brigade will be working all evening to make sure that everyone is safe. If you're outside the library and don't see a supportive face, head toward the fountain just south of the library entrance and someone will greet you there.


If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to email Tiffany McClain of Equality Works. Thank you!

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